Free crochet pattern “multicolor wrap shawl” by marifu6a

Skill Level: Easy.
Material: Fair cotton craft Katia yarns 1 ball.
and hook 3mm

Video tutorial here :

 4ch join In ring.

Row 1:  1ch, 4dc,2ch, 5dc, in ring. Turn

Row 2: (dc, ch, dc) in same st, 2x(ch, sk dc, dc in next dc), ch, (dc, 2ch, dc) in 2ch sp, ch, 2x(dc in next dc, ch, sk dc), (dc, ch, dc) in last st, turn.

Row 3: 5ch, 1dc in first loop, /1 ch, puff in next dc, 1ch/ repeat one time, /1 puff, 2ch, 1 puff/in 2-ch arc, /1ch, 1dc in next dc, 1ch, 1 puff in next dc/ repeat one time, /dc,1ch,1dc/in last loop. Turn.

Row 4: 5ch,dc in first loop, *1ch,1dc in next dc* repeat to middle shawl, in middle 2ch arc /1dc,2ch,1dc/, *1ch,1dc in next dc* repeat to end row, /dc,1ch,dc/in last loop. Turn.

Row 5: 3ch,2dc in first loop, 1 dc in each loop, /2dc,2ch,2dc/in middle 2-ch arc, 1dc in next each loop, 3dc in last loop. Turn.

Repeat 2-6 rows.

Edging around wrap: *3ch,3dc tog, in next arc* repeat around.