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Listing a Digital Item

This is a step-by-step guide to listing a digital file.

Before you can start listing items, you must be registered as a seller.

To begin, sign in to your Marifu6a Shop account and go to My shop > my shop Name the Shop next choice category write some description, about and shop policies then press SAVE CHANGES.

You Shop will be created!!!

Now you can start to list your digital products. Now go to My shop > items and press ADD ITEM

Step 1: Add photos

Start by adding images to your listing. Click the Add Image icon to add files. You can add one photo at once.

  • We recommend that your images be at least 1500 pixels square. You can also upload images in larger sizes as you see fit.
  • On the left you can upload image that will becomes your listing’s thumbnail in searches, your shop, and elsewhere on the site.
  • To remove an image, click the X of the thumbnail.
  • We recommend you use at least two images.

Step 2: Adjust your thumbnail

Your thumbnail photo is the photo that buyers see in your shop home, in Search results, and in various other places on Marifu6a.

Step 3: Complete your listing details

Give your item a Name.

The dropdown menus next to Category places your item within a category.

Include the size or scale of your item, its file type, file contents (for .zip files), and any unique features or special instructions. If your file requires a specific program to use, mention it here.

Titles and tags help shoppers find your item when they search on Marifu6a.

Some things to consider when tagging your listing:

  • Your item’s size or scale
  • What it’s used for
  • Color, style, file type, content, and motifs

Step 4: Complete your pricing


Enter the price of your item.

Please NOTE!!!

  • There is no listing fee.
  • No Membership Subscription.
  • When the item sells, you will be charged 30% commission.
  • 70% will be added to shop owner account with time shops balance will increase.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Amount 50 USD it can be requested once a month.
  • The date of withdraw can vary but usually is 21st of each month.
  • All Payments will be Processed through PayPal.

Step 5: Add files

You can upload one digital files. The maximum size for each file is 60MB. We currently support the following file types:

  • .jpeg
  • .bmp
  • .pdf

Step 6: Publish your listing

You’re ready to sell! Click Save Changes to finish your listing.

Step 7: Your listing is now live!

This listing is now available to shoppers. Tell potential buyers about your new item and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

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